Prediction of opening of selective process: November / 2017 to start February / 2018

Steps to participate in biofeedback training

Step 01:  Fill out the biofeedback request form. Step 03:


Step 02: Wait for our return telling you about the availability of time in our agenda. When possible we will inform you the expected waiting period.


Step 03: When the availability of time in our agenda is confirmed, an interview will be scheduled to obtain more information and define the objectives (complaints, limitations, expectations). The interview time ranges from 50 minutes to over an hour, according to the essential information that needs to be obtained. A term of "free and informed consent" must be filled in to document the authorization and science of the service to be provided.


Step 04:  Fill out some forms that serve as indicators of the person's psychological profile. It can be done on the same day of the interview, according to the conveniences.

Step 05: Schedule a physiological evaluation. A complete electroencephalographic record is usually performed in addition to an electrocardiogram. The approximate time for this assessment is two to two hours and thirty minutes.


Step 06: After an interval for the data to be processed mathematically, a second encounter is marked and the result of the evaluation is shown. If time is available, a first biofeedback training is conducted. Trainings generally last from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes and should preferably be done twice a week. The number of training sessions varies from 10, 20 or more sessions. This number is determined by the results obtained and the person's response to training and varies greatly from one individual to another. Periorically, new physiological assessments and forms completion are done after training in biofeedback. At the end, the participant receives a PDF report with assessments and their progression in training.

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